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  • ID:4-2260639 Unit 7 Food festival Topic 2 I’m not sure whether I can cook it well.Section C 公开课教学课件

    初中英语/仁爱湘教版/八年级下/Unit 7 Food festival/Topic 2 I’m not sure whether I can cook it well.

    仁爱版第八册下Section C, Topic 2, Unit 7 teaching plan.doc
    仁爱版八年级下 unit 7 Food festival Topic 2 I’m not sure whether I can cook it well.Section C公开课教学课件共17张PPT.ppt

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  • ID:4-2249772 湖北省利川市文斗乡长顺初级中学七年级英语下册(仁爱版)Unit 6 Our Local Area 课件(共29张PPT)

    初中英语/仁爱湘教版/七年级下/Unit 6 Our local area/本单元综合与测试

    湖北省利川市文斗乡长顺初级中学七年级英语下册(仁爱版)Unit 6 Our Local Area 课件(共29张PPT).ppt

  • ID:4-2244037 Unit4 Our World单元练习(含听力录音与答案)

    初中英语/仁爱湘教版/八年级上/Unit 4 Our World/本单元综合与测试

    31. We can get closer to ?(大自然) in the countryside.
    32. To make our world a better place, we need to ?(保护) those endangered wild animals.
    33. The Great Wall was built in ?(古代的) times in order that the northern border of our country could be protected.
    34. There are a lot of ?(羊) on the grass.
    35. You can find more ?(信息) on the history of the country at the library.
    36. A ?(机器人) can do some work for us.
    37. --- My alarm clock doesn’t work. Who can help me ?(修理) it?
    --- You can ask Tom for help.
    38. Did he ?(出现) at the meeting yesterday?
    39. He has travelled to the jungles, the back-streets of Shanghai and even the ?(表面) of the moon.
    40. I want to be a ?(科学家) when I grow up.
    41. We will r ? here for three more days.
    42. It is too d ? in the room. Please turn on the light.
    43. If you don’t know the meaning of the word, you can look it up in the d ?.
    44. She d ? the glass on the floor just now. And the glass is broken.
    45. The bike is too expensive. I can’t a ? it.
    46. 我们都知道羊以草为食。
    We all know that sheep ? ? grass.
    47. 昨天彼得如此累以至于到八点半才醒来。
    Peter was so tired that he

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  • ID:4-2244036 Unit3 Our Hobbies单元练习(含听力录音与答案)

    初中英语/仁爱湘教版/八年级上/Unit 3 Our Hobbies/本单元综合与测试

    21. ---Have you heard about the news?
    ---Yes. The ? (价格) of petrol(汽油) went up last month!
    22. When spring comes, all kinds of flowers will produce ?(令人愉快的) smell.
    23. They are planning to go on a ?(假期) to the USA next month.
    24. He is very funny and often makes us ?(笑).
    25. You look sick. You can’t ?(继续) working any more.
    26. You’ve put on ?(重量), haven’t you?
    27. Our ?(友谊) will be remembered forever.
    28. You should ?(分享) the happiness(快乐) with others.
    29. Lang Lang gave a piano ?(音乐会) in our city last month.
    30. It’s easier to learn a foreign ?(语言) when you visit the country.
    31. --- What’s your h ??
    --- I like playing football and basketball.

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  • ID:4-2244035 Unit2 Keeping Healthy单元练习(含听力录音与答案)

    初中英语/仁爱湘教版/八年级上/Unit 2 Keeping Healthy/本单元综合与测试

    31. The sandstorm sounds ?(可怕的)! It came at 6:20 this morning.
    32. This young nurse can look after these ?(患病的) people very well.
    33. Considering his health, he gave up ?(吸烟) in the end.
    34. Taking exercise every day helps him to keep good ?(健康).
    35. There are many coats here; it’s hard for me to ?(选择).
    36. Young people usually have more ?(精力) than the old.
    37. My bottle is full, but my sister’s is ?(空的).
    38. A ?(勇敢的) boy named Jeremy stopped the school bus when the driver felt ill on April 10th, 2012.
    39. Women teachers are usually more careful and more ?(有耐心的) with the pupils.
    40. We should try our best to ?(阻止) accidents in the kitchen.
    41. --- Can you give us some a ? on how to learn English well?
    --- OK, I’d love to.
    42. Tigers and lions are d ? animals.
    43. My sister often helps me with my homework. She is very h ?.
    44. Doctors need m ? to help sick people.
    45. Could you please s ? the floor?

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  • ID:4-2244034 Unit1 Playing Sports单元练习(含听力录音与答案)

    初中英语/仁爱湘教版/八年级上/Unit 1 Playing Sports/本单元综合与测试

    31. I’m sure he will ?(赢) the game.
    32. Football is very ? (受欢迎的) with young people.
    33. Take care not to ?(打破) the glass.
    34. Audrey Hepburn was ? (活跃的) in the film industry for nearly 40 years.
    35. You must do more exercise to keep ?(健康).
    36. You need more ?(练习) before you can play for our team.
    37. --- Can you tell me how to ?(改进) listening skills?
    --- Sure. Listening to tapes will be helpful.
    38. My father always ?(鼓励) me to take part in after-school activities.
    39. More than 30 ?(现代化的) bridges have been built across Changjiang River.
    40. Good studying ?(习惯) help me get good grades.
    41. If I f ? these tasks, we can go to the concert.
    42. It’s important for a student to learn a f ? language well.
    43. Every year many v ? come to Tibet and they are surprised to see the beautiful place.
    44. The girl has lots of homework to do every day. So she is very t ?.
    45. After the film, she becomes f ?. There are always a lot of fans waiting outside her house.

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  • ID:4-2244025 Unit4 Having Fun单元练习(含听力录音与答案)

    初中英语/仁爱湘教版/七年级上/Unit 4 Having fun/本单元综合与测试

    16. When Mr. White was in his ?(四十几岁), he moved to Belgium with his family.
    17. Some students in our school like to eat ?(巧克力).
    18. In spring, we can hear birds ?(歌唱).
    19. Many children are flying ?(风筝) in the park.
    20. He has been to Beijing six ?(次) in all, and he wants to be there once more.
    21. They look like ?(猴子).
    22. The boy is so ?(聪明的) that he can work out the problems easily.
    23. What day is it ?(今天), Tony?
    24. We are going to have a ?(野餐) this weekend.
    25. Miss Yang likes reading on S ?(星期日).
    26. Fifty and fifty is one h ?.
    27. In English, blue can m ? sad.
    28. I’m thirsty. I would like to drink three b ? of juice.
    29. My mother is a doctor. She s ? many people’s lives every year.
    30. --- Can you play chess with me today?
    --- No, I can’t. But I can do it t ?.
    31. I do my h ? in the afternoon.
    32. E ? are the biggest(最大的) animals on land.
    33. Do you think it is good for a ? to live in the zoo?
    34. The wolf lives in the E ? forest. It likes to eat m ?.
    35. In my f ? time, I often play tennis with my friends.

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  • ID:4-2244024 Unit3 Getting Together单元练习(含听力录音与答案)

    初中英语/仁爱湘教版/七年级上/Unit 3 Getting together/本单元综合与测试

    16. Who has the ?(最多的) apples in your baskets?
    17. It’s his duty to solve the ?(问题).
    18. What’re your ?(父母亲) names?
    19. This is the teachers’ ?(办公室).
    20. They want to have lunch in the ?(餐馆) today.
    21. Alice is Mr. Green’s ?(女儿).
    22. Look at those people ?(打) beach volleyball. They are my friends.
    23. --- What’s your favourite ?(饮料)?
    --- Cola.
    24. What do you eat for ?(早餐)?
    25. They usually ?(订购) food and drink in this restaurant.
    26. We like to t ? stories after school.
    27. What do you o ? do?
    28. The elephant l ? in Africa.
    29. My parents want to v ? Japan one day.
    30. My father is a d ?. He works in the hospital.

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  • ID:4-2244023 Unit2 Looking Different单元练习(含听力录音与答案)

    初中英语/仁爱湘教版/七年级上/Unit 2 Looking different/本单元综合与测试

    16. Can you ?(猜) who the winner is?
    17. Millie’s ?(头发) is short and black.
    18. What is your ?(最喜欢的) subject?
    19. ?(刀) and forks will be necessary when we have western food.
    20. What ?(颜色) is the cup?
    21. I have three ?(照片) about my school.
    22. We are living a ?(幸福) life than we used to.
    23. Those are ?(香蕉) and these are ?(桔子).
    24. My ?(同学们) are going to climb the mountain at ?(任何时间) next week.
    25. Alice’s hat is ?(黄色的).
    26. Germs are so s ? that we can only see them by microscope(显微镜).
    27. My aunt and my mother are s ?.
    28. David’s C ? name is He Xiaofan.
    29. The Changjiang River is one of the l ? rivers in the world.
    30. The paper is w ?.
    31. There are 26 l ? in English, such as A, B, C and so on.
    32. Betty is only four years old. She is y ?. She can’t go to school.
    33. The w ? next to her is my dad’s sister, my aunt Sally.
    34. --- What colour is the coal(煤)?

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  • ID:4-2244022 Unit1 Making New Friends单元练习(含听力录音与答案)

    初中英语/仁爱湘教版/七年级上/Unit 1 Making new friends/本单元综合与测试

    6. ?(请) sit down, Alice.
    17. These electric products are made in ?(日本).
    18. My room(房间) ?(号码) is 401.
    19. ?(苹果) are our favourite food.
    20. I can ?(帮助) you.
    21. The ?(铅笔) in the bag are Sally’s.
    22. These ?(学生) go to school at 7:30 every morning.
    23. Frank has three good f ?(朋友) at school.
    24. I have a ?(地图) of the world.
    25. My mother bought(买) ?(八) apples in the morning.
    26. Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. W ? to our concert!
    27. I’m glad to m ? you.
    28. Miss Qin is a good t ?. She teaches(教) English well.
    29. Lucy comes from A ?. She lives in New York.
    30. These are some photos of Lucy’s f ?. This is her mother.
    31. --- E ? me, are you Frank?
    --- Yes, I am.
    32. There are t ? months(月) in a year.
    33. Wang Hong is in Class Three, G ? Seven.
    34. I like apples, pears and o ? very much.
    35. We often play basketball together(一起) after s ?.

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